1. The tablets keep beeping and the sound won’t stop unless we touch the tablet. What do we do? 

That is correct, the sound will continue until you tap on the tablet. You do not need to tap on the tablet for any other reason than to turn off the sound. Don’t worry, the order has been confirmed and the delivery service’s driver will be on the way as usual. Your set cooking prep times for each service will let the system and driver know when to start the delivery journey. 

You can also turn off the sound on the tablets by adjusting the volume on the side of the tablet. Although, some stores still like to have the noise. Other stores just turn off the volume or put the tablet in another location. Remember though, you DO NOT need to touch the tablets for orders to come in or to be confirmed. 

2. The UberEats tablet is showing that the order is “unconfirmed”. What do we do? 

Don’t worry, that is how the text is displayed on the tablet from UberEats due to our integration. The orders ARE confirmed and when an order prints, you can start preparing the food! 

3. What happens if we need to 86 an item? 

This is a reason why some stores choose to still keep the tablets in close proximity. If you need to 86 an item you need to still do it through the tablet or in your particular delivery service’s dashboard (UberEats dashboard, etc.). 

4. What happens if an order gets cancelled? 

In the rare circumstance an order gets cancelled, the printer will immediately print a ticket showing “Cancelled” along with the exact order number for you to see. 

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